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Merlin Thematic

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Merlin Thematic is the place where you'll find your fandom needs according to themes and genres.
Merlin Thematic

Welcome to Merlin Thematic, you'll find your fandom needs according to themes to BBC's tv show Merlin fandom!

This community is open for everyone to join, you can either rec your work (or the others work) in here or post them directly, the only necessity is to tag them.

If you want to tell the moderators to add a theme, a ship or something like that; use this post. The welcoming post and the community rules are here.

No wallpapers and icons please. Only fanfiction, fanart, fanvids and fanmixes are allowed.

Drop a comment here if you want to become affiliates, please ^_^

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Affiliates: threelayers // merlinrpf // infide_manentia // arthurs_chamber // LJ The Merlin Fanfiction Archive // utherxtheboys // bradleycolin // camelot_recs // thefuturequeen // merlin_nimueh // merlin_drabbles // merlingwen // morganafay // merlin_tv // merlin_ot4 // lady_nimueh // merlin_land // pendragonstills // katiem_fans // merlin_santa // kinkelot // merlin_benders // merlin_finders

Mods: glenien // awakencordy // thelake