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14 January 2010 @ 03:04 am
Merlin/Arthur recs  
Okay guys, I'll try to rec at least 10 fics here every week or so- let's start with newer ones- I am reading Merlin/Arthur in general, so it's not a very subjective kind of list, LOL. Sorry about that!

Two Kinds of Taste - silkmoth101
Summary: Arthur overhears something and talks to Merlin about it. Then things start to get… interesting.
Warning/Spoiler: Slash, First Time, Romance, Spoilers for Season One and Two
Rating: R
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
theme: au: season 2, theme: bath, theme: dom!merlin, theme: episode related, theme: experienced!merlin, theme: first kiss, theme: insecure!arthur, theme: jealous!merlin, theme: merlin mentors, theme: massage, theme: oblivious!arthur, theme: orientation discovery, theme: sex ed, theme: virgin!arthur, theme: virgin!merlin

One Link at at Time - ravenflight21
Rating: R
Pairing: arthur/merlin, pre-slash
Spoilers: episode 1 series 1
Wordcount: 3,100
Summary: The glimpses Merlin keeps having of his own future all seem to point in one direction. But what does it all mean?
theme: pre-series, theme: powerful!merlin

Oeth Anoeth - owlyscribblings
Characters: Arthur, Merlin (slash factor: about equal with the show)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5346
Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them.
Spoilers: Le Morte d'Arthur
Summary: Power, and not power. Arthur, Merlin, and a prison of bones.
theme: alternate dimensions, theme: arthur finds out, theme: episode related, theme: imprisonment, theme: magical illness, theme: old religion/druids, theme: powerful!merlin, theme: trapped together

How to Woo a Princess, But Win a Lover Instead - ravenflight21
Rating: R
Pairing: arthur/merlin
Genre: romance, humour, fluff
Wordcount: 2,700
Summary: Arthur’s wedding is arranged, and he sets about courting with the same dedication he shows to all tasks. But things don’t always run to plan.
The aristocracy were a strange breed, but surely Arthur shouldn’t be married off like this, as if he was a fine horse to be traded.
theme: first kiss, theme: marriage, theme: master/servant, theme: oblivious!merlin

Assumptions - wrtrs_blck
Title: Assumptions Part 1/3
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings/Spoilers: For the show not really. Be warned though, this has not seen a beta and is my first fic in... an embarrassingly long time. Also first Merlin fic. There will be a post script to come later. I want to flesh out the ending but I have lots of work to do and I needed to get this off. Not to mention the other stuff I was writing before this plot bunny ate my brain.
Summary: Everyone assumes Merlin knows what is going on. He really, really doesn't.
character: knights, theme: experienced!arthur, theme: virgin!merlin, theme: oblivious!arthur, theme: oblivious!merlin, theme: first kiss, theme: insecure!merlin, theme: jealous!merlin, theme: jealous!arthur, theme: orientation discovery, theme: sex ed, theme: master/servant

Desperate Measures - phreakycat
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: NC-17 for graphic sexual content
Warnings: Um... Graphic sexual content, sex between boys \o/
Spoilers: None
Summary: Merlin attempts to curb his sudden, bewildering lust for Arthur through the use of an inventive spell. Predictably, things go horribly awry.
theme: first kiss, theme: first time, theme: magical accidents, theme: oblivious!merlin

The Journal of Geoffrey the Cat. Aged 3 years and 5 months - magog-83
Summary: Modern AU in which Arthur has a pet cat called Geoffrey, who keeps a journal. Then Merlin moves in across the road. Yes, really.
theme: au: modern, pov: others

The Secret Life of a Warlock - ravenflight21
Genre: humour, fluff, romance
Summary: “All hail, the Mighty Merlin,” the man replied. Arthur, looking extremely amused, smirked at Merlin. He pulled a face as if to say “he’s obviously off his rocker, but we’d better humour him”.

So Close and Yet So Far - ravenflight21
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: arthur/others, merlin/others, arthur/merlin
Genre: honest-to-goodness angst
Wordcount: 4,400
Written for kinkme_merlin prompt Arthur/Merlin They don't get together sexually/romantically for several years. Why not?
Summary: Misunderstandings and secrecy combine to keep Merlin and Arthur apart. Can anything finally bring them together?

And a Bradley/Colin:

A Day at the Museum - owlyscribblings
Summary: Just because it's not a French-approved exit doesn't mean it's not an exit.
A/N: Original version posted at kinkme_merlin for the request "Bradley/Colin, trapped." No actual kink here, sorry; that's my brain for you!
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